Kuzer, the truck that fits your life. Light-medium duty just got real.
It’s Made to deliver extra.

The best partners are flexible.

We’ll spare you the buzzwords when describing the latest Japanese technology that has gone into developing this truck. All we will mention is that it has launched something very special into the market that delivers extra whenever you need it. A flexible first for urban distribution.

From A to B made easy

Built to beat tight city traffic, the Kuzer is a serious asset in any situation. Sure, there’s a lot out there that’s beyond your control. We just want to keep you moving efficiently from assignment to assignment, helping you join the dots in your busy schedule.

Kuzer is able to manoeuver optimally in tough and narrow roads with its short turning radius. A polyurethane soft-touch steering wheel facilitates a more comfortable grip, and an ergonomically designed gear lever takes the strain off regular shifting. The steering wheel is also tiltable and telescopic, meaning less muscle use during awkward manoeuvring.

Your workspace. Your way

Taking your work home with you. Sure it might not sound so appealing. Yet with the Kuzer, the line between business and pleasure becomes blurred. Take care of some paperwork, maybe catch up with your social media feeds, or just kick back with a coffee and your favorite sounds.

Distribution can be a tough shift. With the usual list of deadlines and appointments to clear, your cab can become more than a second home. At 2.1 meters, the Kuzer cab expands your working horizons. Offering extra space and comfort, it greatly reduces fatigue on those long days behind the wheel. With the largest cab in its class, Kuzer provides a more comfortable and safer driver environment.

Sustainability. The struggle is real

Investing in a more fuel-efficient truck these days is a no-brainer. With international laws demanding ever-tighter controls on freight transport, and city authorities looking at ways of cutting diesel emissions, sustainability has to be a top priority for any forward-thinking business. Enter the Kuzer.It is equipped with a market leader engine of 150hp as well as an optimized driveline and fuel coaching technology that provides high fuel efficiency.

Power for a new generation

The 3.8L engine features a world class 3.0 Engine Management System.

During trials, the Kuzer delivered better fuel efficiency than other light-medium duty trucks on the market. Optimized gear ratios and an advanced fuel injection system utilize the latest Japanese technology and make for a smart and innovative business investment.

  •  Optimized engine delivers higher RPM than a normal two-valve engine, enabling better engine breathing and fuel savings
  •  High power and torque guarantees power and control in rough and steep road conditions
  • Faster response, easy serviceability and maximized uptime are all possible via connected OBS technology
  • Advanced fuel injection system for reduced environmental impact
  • Highly reliable and durable engine

Fuel-friendly features

The Kuzer packs a load of innovative fuel-efficient functions into a stylish format. An aerodynamically designed cab facilitates lower fuel consumption, while a smart instrument cluster allows you to hone your driving skills to benefit your pocket. Simple sums that add up to a tidy profit. Our designed solutions are aimed at encouraging better driving behavior and protection of fuel assets:
Fuel utilization reports to demonstrate how the truck and driver are performing.

  •  Fuel advisory services to improve driving behavior.
  • A cable-connected fuel follow-up tool is also available.

More than a steady performer

The new generation advance technology 3.8L CRS engine – features a world class 3.0 Engine Management System. Highly reliable and durable, it is perfectly matched to the distribution sector with its frequentstops, and offers a host of business benefits.The 3.8L CRS engine offers superior power and performance. Better stability achieved via wider chassis frame. Six-speed overdrive gearbox provides higher maximum speed. Driver comfort enhanced by easy steering. Kuzer drivability makes every journey a pleasure.

Structured for success

The Kuzer’s incredible durability is partly achieved by a modular DOMEX chassis with a high strength wider frame that carries less weight. This also facilities better stability when you need to put your foot down.
Fuel utilization reports to demonstrate how the truck and driver are performing.

It goes without saying that we’ve tested both cab and truck to its limits to ensure the best possible safety. As with all our vehicles, UD Trucks’ goal of ‘safety that puts people first’ was foremost in our thinking when developing the Kuzer.

Fast-forward your day

The customer always comes first. True, but most days you just want to get the job done and get home. Your customers are no different. Fitting more into your schedule by keeping your truck on the road is a major win-win for all involved. Then there’s your profitability to consider.

Take on the System

Of course it’s obvious, but a durable and reliable engine is a key factor in securing maximum uptime. A new generation Advance technology CRS engine system delivers on this promise, even when regularly pushed to its limits.

CRS engine is robust and flexible, delivering high power and torque. OBD with guided tools and CAN-based communication facilitate the transfer of diagnostic information. Modern 3.0 Engine Management System makes serviceability simpler and uptime easier to maximize.

Advanced UD onboard diagnostics allow our technicians to stay bang up to date with the health of your vehicle.